Questions For Inner Reflection

I’m sitting in a cozy library sipping a warm cappuccino. It’s Saturday. It’s one of those “I need to retreat into my heart and give it some attention” kind of days. So as I sit here reflecting on life’s simple moments of beauty and magic, reflecting on the past year’s moments of growth and acknowledging my own transformation, I am readying my heart to set my album ablaze into the world. Below are some questions for you to experience this “cozy cappuccino moment” with me. Enjoy!

New Year’s Reflections:

1. What desire, goal, or personal achievement do you have now that you wanted a year ago? It doesn’t have to be big; it’s the small little steps that lead to transformation and growth. Acknowledge 1 or 2 now.

2. Reflect back on a circumstance that you perceived as a setback or disappointment that ended up being a gift in disguise. How did it set you on the “right path” in an unforeseen way?

3. What priorities—intentionally or unintentionally—have changed in the past year? Why?

4. Instead of striving, how can you accept yourself and be content in this moment? What are you proud of?

Connect Within Reflections:

5. When do you feel most yourself? What’s the environment? What are you doing? Who is there?

6. What emotion or feeling did you wake up with today? What are you feeling now?

7. What’s something that you did as a child, that was carefree and ignited your soul with joy? When was the last time you did that or had that feeling?

8. What perceived imperfection(s) has led you to a deeper connection with your spirituality, yourself, or someone else? How did your “imperfection” become a gift?

Spiritual Reflections:

9. How do you experience God? What is this experience like? It could be a spiritual reading, a nature walk, embarking on something creative, etc.

10. When do you feel most ignited in your soul?

11. How has your idea or understanding of what spirituality is changed in the past year? How have your eyes been opened?

12. When does your heart feel most at peace? What led to this experience of inner-tranquility?

Self-Growth Reflections:

13. What is one thing you want to accept more deeply and compassionately in your life? How can you show yourself kindness in this area?

14. What is one habit you want to start doing everyday?

15. What’s something you want to prioritize for yourself this week?

16. What can you start doing regularly that will connect you with your heart?

Morning Reflection Checklist:

17. What intention do you want to set for today?
(i.e. Today I will focus on living in the moment with gratitude, grace, and peace; Today I will reach out to an old friend/a stranger through a small act of kindness; Today I seek gratitude in the small moments, etc)

18. How can you live peacefully and productively today?
(i.e. repeat a positive phrase, read an inspiring quote and use it throughout the day)

19. If a frustration comes up today, what can you remind yourself of to remain calm and patient?

20. What are you looking forward to most today?

Remember: Breathe deeply. Live fully. Embrace life’s magic.

Evening Reflection Checklist:

21. What was today’s highlight? What are you most grateful for?

22. What’s something you handled well today? What’s something you would like to have handled better, and how would you have done so?

23. What’s your favorite way to clear your mind and ready yourself for a good night’s rest?
(i.e drinking tea, reading a book, journaling, etc)

24. How did you live out your intention today?

Remember: Reaching our goals is a fine line between striving and acceptance. It’s not a straight line. Small steps. Patience. Acknowledge your progress!