The question is, how?

Many of us grow up learning to hide, conceal and mask. We've been conditioned to desensitize from our own hearts and emotions. Shielding ourselves becomes a necessity just to get by. Overtime, we lose connection with our inner selves, and what it is that truly sets us on fire.

Recording in the studio is where I encountered myself for the first time. My tendency to hide came flaring up. How can I be perfect and vulnerable all at the same time? The microphone felt all too close--amplifying my pain and my fears.

Despite everything that surfaced in the studio, I knew I was touching on something deep and sacred inside and this intrigued me. Although I experienced excruciating anxiety while recording my music due to all of the locked up emotions unraveling from inside--and I didn't know where it was all coming from--I felt as though a door in the cave of my heart had been opened. I tapped into an inner sanctuary, emotionally and spiritually. I was breaking open. Breaking into place. Living serenity is all about living from our hearts. Connecting with ourselves in this deeper way can be difficult for those of us who've learned to run away from our emotions. What I've learned in my own personal journey of learning to reconnect, is this: all healing and growth begins when we allow our hearts to speak. This is painful. It's gritty. It's messy. But this is what awakens our soul and leads us on the right path. I want to inspire you to find what serenity looks like in your life. I want your heart and mind to beat in harmony. Self doubt and numbing our feelings block us from who we are at our core. It's time to let go of who you think you're supposed to be, who you think others want you to be, and release all the pressure and noise that drowns out the voice of your own unique heartsong. I want to help you answer these questions:

How do you learn to feel, after years of stuffing everything down?

How do you connect with your intuition, the compass inside you?

How do you change your fear to courage?


I recommend the following content to reconnect with your intuition and feelings: Vulnerability is A Muscle, Hidden Heart and Becoming Human. Content to be brave and become free: Bravely Breaking Open, Becoming Free, Pulverized Pieces and The Gift of Fear

Rock bottom is not the be all, end all. It's a call for a new beginning. We must let go of the bars hiding us from our truest selves. We must tap into the sacred inner stillness that each one of us has.

I hope the writing you find here helps you along your own journey through your heart. I hope that together we can reconnect with our souls and find inner stillness. This is the way to serenity. . .